The significance of having an Emergency First Aid Kit is often overlooked especially if everything seems fine. However, accidents happen more frequently and understanding that you can't just be certain of your safety or your family's. While others aren't seeing Emergency First Aid Kit really that important, listed here are the top 10 reasons for owning one.

1. Emergency Preparedness - basically you won't want to be put in a place where one of your family members needs help and you can't do a thing since you have absolutely nothing to use. Having a first aid kit is also being prepared. So, this one goes first than others. Now, let's go to the basics...

2. Treat Wounds/Cuts Easily - when you are at home or out camping with friends of family, cut is among the most common thing anyone could experience. Minor wounds are simple to treat while bigger ones need first aid before medics come to the rescue. Owning an emergency first aid kit can save you from a lot of trouble from cleaning out the wound to covering it to avoid infection. So, rather than tearing up a cloth that you don't know if its clean or not, you have bandage gauze to utilize.

3. Treat Joint Injuries Immediately - staying outdoors opens the potential of being injured. Even though most of these injuries are minor they must be treated immediately or at least be given first aid to prevent further damages to your joints or at least soothe the pain and stop swelling.

4. Ease Burns - burns need to be treated immediately because apart from the excruciating pain, it opens to skin for bacterial invasion. Cool, running water is very helpful remedy to clean and cool-down burnt area.

5. The treatment of Eye Injuries - people whose eyes are injured would have to be brought to a hospital immediately, services of eye specialists may also be needed. However, there are kinds of eye injuries that needed immediate attention. The very best example of which is when hazardous substance enters the eye. In such cases, flushing it with clean flowing water for 20 minutes and covering it with pads and must be done while en route to the hospital.

6. Treat Snake Bite - when you're out camping in the woods, there's always a possibility whenever you might be bitten by a snake. The fatality of a snake bite will depend on the species of the snake that has bitten you. And in times like this, first aid is badly needed. You should know that aside from the venom infection is faster to develop because snakes' mouth are full of different type of bacteria. So, with first aid kit in hand, you can cover the wounds while bringing the patient to the nearest hospital. Don't wash the bite area because a sample of the venom maybe necessary for examination.

7. Insect Stings - without immediate treatment, insect stings can lead to severe infections. Certain types of bacteria may have a tendency to contaminate sting bites untreated. This may eventually you anytime, anywhere, particularly when you are outdoors having fun with your families and loved ones. Considering all these possibilities, it would be better to secure a first aid kit with you, beyond food, drinks and other stuff you may need for outdoor activities.

8. Cease Severe Bleeding - any injury can lead to severe bleeding; when a person looses even 30% of his blood, he will pass out and if bleeding is not stopped, he could die. Now, stopping severe bleeding maybe made easier with first aid kit around. Just apply pressure on the bleeding area with a pad until the bleeding stops. However, should it continue spilling blood and if the wound is big and deep, you should bring the person to a hospital where he could get full medical attention.

9. Bone Fracture - accidents can happen anytime, regardless if you are at home, in the office, doing an outside project or travelling. Road mishaps are typical scenarios of such occurrence wherein victims may either obtain minor or major injuries depending on the impact of the accident. Among the typical injuries a victim may acquire from minor accidents include bone fracture and dislocation of bones, particularly the joints. First aid kit for bone fracture can aid a lot in preventing severe damages on the bones to happen prior to application of actual medical treatment.

10. Abdominal disorders - this commonly happens when you ingested foods that are either spoiled, improperly cooked or anything that may be unusual to your digestive system. Other cases are inflicted by just undigested foods in your stomach. Ahead of seeking medical assistance, it is always a great benefits to obtain immediate appropriate remedy possible to prevent the condition from getting severe. This is where first aid kits play a significant role while waiting for medical assistance. Having the essential first aid remedy, as manifested by first aid kits can hinder the chances of stomach disorders from getting worse or even provides you with total cure without a doctor's aid.

An Emergency First Aid Kit is never an alternative choice to proper medical attention; also there are injuries that you really need to seek the aid of professionals.