Primary, hair for extensions is usually frequently artificial or true human hair.

Artificial extensions are less costly, but nevertheless you receive what you spend on - they appear just like synthetic hair strands mounted on your hair. They are not incredibly pleasant to touch, as well.

Real hair used for extensions provides more effective outcomes. Human extension hair is different from source.

The most typical are hair coming from India and South east Asia. These kinds of hair extension are definitely the prime popular and used by celebrities due to the superior quality to combine very well to any consumers very own kinds of head of hair.

You can also find so-called 'raw' or 'virgin' hair. This is called Remy Indian hair and as well comes from the country of India.The advantage of obtaining this particular hair extension is actually well known.

European hair extension is yet another good quality extension , normally originating from Southern spain however is more expensive. At the same time European hair all-natural shade is generally coal black. In order to make brown extensions from it Spanish hair need to be intensely bleached.