In lawn replacement there are typically two options, seeding the area or working with turf. If your looking at new lawn or lawn cleaning either or will work wonderful. For people who have the desire to replace damaged patches in their lawn, or large sections sod may be the best option.

Be aware that lawn replacement is a challenging task. The initial step is always to really know what causes damages. For those who have a weed issue, or other problems you will have to get rid of the entire bad region and start over. That's the place where careful analysis use seed or sod is very important. If you use seed, often the type and color will be off and you will be left with a dark or light spot in your lawn. If this doesn’t matter to you then fire away with the seed.

If you choose to go the sod route, the initial labor is the same with either sod or seed. You need to remove the old grass and weed beds. If you do not remove this properly, you will be faced with the same problem on your new lawn. Make sure you’re aware of how deep you need to go, and how much you should be taking out. Renting out a sod cutter or hiring a lawn maintenance company to remove is advisable.

After you have taken off the old course, you want to work up the soil underneath. It is recommended that you take a soil sample as well and make sure that the soil is healthy. Once you have determined that you have good soil you should add some fertilizer and a bit of top soil to the area, you can then seed or sod at this point.

Once your lawn is all completed all that is left is the watering. You should be watering the new area at least 1-2 hours per day. It is best to do so in the evening as the grass and soil will retain the moisture best.

If you are unsure or feeling overwhelmed with the project it is best to contact a landscaping or lawn maintenance company for assistance. They can provide you with advice, and you may just want to price out having them tackle the job for you . Good luck and happy sowing.